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Superman Returns and Heroes Convention

I decided to post again, and realized that I had a couple of drafts saved that I never published... silly me ^_^'.

Here are my thoughts from 7/1/06....

So, Kalinara and I are at Heroes Convention, since I'm no where near the fan of comics that she is, I competed in my first Magic tourney. We got into Charlotte yesterday morning and hit the floor. I surprised myself at how much

The Amateur Challenge was fun, I got to meet a lot of players even though I finished last. I won two matches on technicalities. The first was because my opponent didn't show up, and the other was because I was the odd person out. That part really sucked because it was the last in the last match before the elimination rounds. There was one person that had bad luck with me in games and for about 3 matches we were sitting next to each other commenting on our horrid luck and we were expecting to be paired against each other in the final open match... twas not the case.

But we ended up playing afterwards w…