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7th Bleach Ending - Hanabi

Tomorrow, the single for the current Bleach ending will be released in Japan. Which means that sometime next week or so I'll be able to post a full lyrics ^_^. Until then, here's a video from youtube.

Hikaru no Go

Last night I was thinking about cute anime that were unexplicably engaging. And I thought of Hikaru no Go. The anime is about Go, how is it possible to have an action packed series about Go? It's not exactly Yu-Gi-Oh or any of its clones (not that I actually watch the show or get turned into a mindless zombie when I'm flipping through the channels when it happens to be on). There are no giant monsters looming over the gaming bored ready to smite the opponents' monsters at verbal command. So what is it that makes Hikaru no Go so fantastically action packed?

Great story telling. It's simple fantastically and all about learning that strength and ability are found within yourself and that those that inspire you to greatness are always with you even when their souls have departed. Ok, so I'm a sentimental sap. What can you do? ^_^

A Time to Celebrate

I'm so happy this week! I thought this was going to be the most depressing time of my life. Things didn't go quite as well as I'd hope they would these past few months and my last day at my old job on last Friday.


In a whiplash of events everything is turned around and I have a new job, so to celebrate, an amv of Kingdom Hearts 2! :) If you don't want spoilers for the game.. don't click play :P

What's New

I decided to add a "Currently Watching" List. I'm too much of a prude to list all the manga I'm reading. The list is actually pretty small. I guess I'll post a list of list of manga I've got my eye on for releases, Like Crimson Spell and anything by Akino Matsuri or Morimoto Shuu in general. The only live action show on my list that I'll most likely blog about here, however, is Doctor Who. Comments on Kamen Rider will go to my Sentai blog. And with that I say...

"I like Swords!" ^_^

My Pace by Sunset Swish - Translation

OK, first off, I know there's going to be a debate over my translation. So to alleviate some of the questions, I've provided the japanese I translated from. If you by chance have a different set of lyrics, then email them to me. I'll listen to the song again and match it up. Yes, my translation is different from Dattebayo that's because the lyrics I have different slightly from the ones they show on the ending. I'm not saying they're wrong, I'm just saying I have a different set. If you speak japanese and have suggestions for different wording, by all means either email me or post them in the comments section, I'll take them under advisement.

And now without further ado,

MY PACE by Sunset Swish - English Translation

Count 1. It's good to improve
Count 2. It's good to rest
Count 3. It's good to think
It's good to be able to progress at my own pace.

Left behind in the river of time
you must not forget your impatient feelings
"This reckless def…

Next Week

Ok, so classes are finally over and I can finally get to translating the 6th Ending of Bleach. The 7th ending is already here, I actually like it, not as much as My Pace of course :P. The new opening is also pretty cool.

I'm also awaiting the 4th Volume of Vampire Hunter D. It' supposed to be out next month. I don't know how much more I'll be able to take of this series. There's always a damsel in distress most of the time she's a strong independent woman. Sometimes the change is for the better in the character and sometimes not, but the fact that the whole series is like this makes me tired. I just hope Mephistopheles shows up soon. that should be interesting.

Ouran High School Host Club

The lately seems to be to turn non-convention on its ears. BL and Yaoi readers have gotten used to the helpless innocent and almost always younger student, being cornered and manipulated into sex that they could only dream of in the past.

Take Desire for example. Toru is the shy bashiful friend of Ryoji the dashing Lady's Man. Ryoji wants to experiment out of the blue and this should make Toru happy, however, he believes Ryoji's feelings aren't true and that they are merely "fuck buddies", through the course of the manga everything is made alright and two boys become closer. The entire time you could replace Toru with a girl and the story would absolutely be the same. My proof?

Ouran High School Host Club.

I've only managed to catch the first chapter or so of the manga, but I'm current with the anime series so far at 5 episodes. Fujioka Haruhi, a scholarship student at a very exclusive high school, stumbles across the school's host club and accidently …

Crimson Spell

I was going to wait until after finals to post again... must concentrate on studying. but when I was checking for updates that I hadn't seen in a while I ran across the latest Nakama scans for Crimson Spell I quickly downloaded the three I'd missed.

A little bit about Crimson Spell... First and foremost, it is a yaoi manga, if you're offended grossed out by yaoiness, well stop reading and look at my bleach post. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside to sing along to the song ^_^.

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Ok now that the obligatory warning is out of the way, Crimson Spell is a yaoi manga that kind of turns a few stereotypes on their ears. And keeps them at the same time. The Crown Prince of Aresweis whose name is Valdrigue, Val for short (thank god!) is cursed when he uses a mystical (cursed) sword to save his kingdom. This reminds me of another prince from an American animation from the 80s. The curse causes the prince to transform into a a dark haired bishi demon with tattoos, ta…