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Vampire Knight Anime Thoughts

After watching the 6th episode of Vampire Knight, I was chatting with Kalinara on how this anime isn't as gay as some of the comments I've seen. I believe I'm fairly current with the manga series right now and I don't see anything yaoi-esque about it at least until around chapter 30 or so.

The guys are all hot delicious bishis... does that make the show automatically in the category of yaoi?

Let's see...
most yaoi completely ignore women to the point they're a non-entity. Vampire Knight - central character is a girl having sexual tension with two guys.

most yaoi have sex attempted in the first volume if not having sex in every chapter. Vampire Knight - Kaname the pureblood vampire and Zero the angsty newly awakened vampire hate each others guts and there appears to be no sex on the horizon for the two of them. The 'Night' class though full of bishi guys and girls, don't seem interested in having sex with each other. They're all too busy being was…