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Meine Liebe: More thoughts

After watching the first season of Meine Liebe I've come to the conclusion that "My Love" refers to the country of Kuchen where the story takes place versus a specific character in the anime. Additionally, this series doesn't count as shounen-ai or yaoi. Many might disagree with me, but it's true. I do agree that it's extremely slashable. The characters go through enough angst that I can see how it's mistaken for a shounen-ai series. Let's see: 5 bishounen main characters following a j-rock group formala, female characters are non-entities except when they're evil bitches, each of the 5 main characters has a different yet equally angst filled past that makes you want to cry.

Meine Liebe

Last week I stumbled across the first episode of Meine Liebe Wieder, curious I looked up on it and realized that it was the second season of and anime called Meine Liebe, German for "my love". Having only a very very rudimentary understanding of German, I thought nothing of this. Then I got talking to Kalinara about it, and she noted that for an anime about an all boys elite school... this title is a bit off. I had a nice giggle about it.

I've only seen the first two episodes so far and it's rather intriguing. Though if they have any more goofy names I'm going to have a difficult time watching it without cackling myself to an early grave. One of the main characters' name is Orpheus Furst von Marmelade. ...


Ok so I was going to talk about something else with this post but err. well nevermind:-P

I'll talk about this picture instead :) It's from Desire. There's a really funny story on how I actually came to buy this manga as I don't normally buy yaoi manga. It's just never enticed me enough to want to buy it. However, two Christmases ago I saw Desire in a Walden Books wrapped in celophane. Just sitting there. Now the only other manga I'd really seen before that randomly had celophane on was volume 7 of Fake. And based on the original volumes I have. I absolutely knew why they'd wrapped just volume 7 in celophane.

I just had to see it. Yes, I'm a packaging major's dream shopper. If the package is shiny and pretty I want to buy it. (I have a bottle of chinese liquour as proof of that) With my next paycheck I went back to Walden books and wouldn't you know? It was gone!!

Months past as I longingly looked at the shelves every few days at Walden Books. I …

Repost: Guess the Uke vol1 iss1

I just realized that I'd posted this on my sentai instead of here... yes i'm a bit slow sometimes. Anyway... on with the show :P

Once in a while I'd like to see male bottoms as men. My quest continues in the search for non-emasculated uke (bottoms). This image is sadly not one of them. We shall play a quick game of where's waldo for a moment. Can you tell whose moping and acting like the whiney uke he is? This is from Yabai Kimochi commercially published as Desire. It's about an 11th grader with a crush on his best friend,Ryoji, who is a lady's man and pretty much sleeps with any girl with a pretty face. There's the pining -- the endless pining -- and then Toru's wish comes true... sort of. Things get complicated (as they always do) and needless to say Ryoji finally sees the light by the end of this oneshot yaoi manga.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Guess the Uke!

Where is Your Hand Now Naoe

In a recent post by Kalinarashe talks about how sick Johnny Sorrow is for molesting poor innocent Sand in her comic blog. I replied to her saying that creepy villains go to a convention every year and trade notes on how they molest our heroes.

This both makes me laugh and choke back a bit of fear at the same time. On one hand you have a bunch of comic/manga characters getting together and that in itself is kind of funny seeing them in a weird cosplayish way, but then the subject mannor hits you and it's just wrong.

Some of the molestors you almost feel sorry for. Almost. Like say for instance Naoe from Mirage of Blaze. He's psychotic after waiting 400 years of lusting after his commander, Kagetora, whom clearly lusts after him too, but won't do anything about it. If you think Sorrow's a bad boy, try a lust crazed 400 year old Japanese guy. Who in the last life, rapes his commander's fiance (this is a speculation the events are still a bit muddled since they're to…