Gohou Drug by Clamp

I recently went back and read my copy of Gohou Drug (Legal Drug) by Clamp, and it made me hate Clamp all over again. I don't understand this Manga groups inability to complete a series. I found this little gem of a story online and became near obsessed (ok very obsessed) with finding the whole story. It's about two guys (naturally), Kudo and Rikuo. Both have special abilities and work for the owner of a local pharmacy (hence the title of the manga). Both are searching for someone they've lost. Kudo has clairvoyance and psychometic abilities and Rikuo has the ability to break things. Together they are sent on missions by Kakei (the drugstore owner/landlord) where Kudo usually ends up cross-dressing and even voted the "bride" at an all boys school for a festival.

As the story unfolds the characters' lives get more interesting and certain revelations are made about Kakei and Saiga as well as the past behind Kudo and Rikuo. By the end of volume 3 I was left with this longing to get to know the characters more, looking forward to finding out if my suspicions were true, and if Kudo and Rikuo were ever going to admit their love for each other and have sex. But alas, this was not to be as Clamp decided to drop the title and move on. It's a wonder they're still around with so many unfinished titles.


dragonofash said…
did they say why they dropped the title?
Bhotanni said…
it's been reported that it's "on hold" and the last chapter was published in 2001. So I'm not holding my breath for chapter 11 to come out anytime soon.
sinheart said…
They dropped the title!!!! Thats not posible!! I love Legal Drug! I think I'm going to cry....

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