My Pace by Sunset Swish - Translation

OK, first off, I know there's going to be a debate over my translation. So to alleviate some of the questions, I've provided the japanese I translated from. If you by chance have a different set of lyrics, then email them to me. I'll listen to the song again and match it up. Yes, my translation is different from Dattebayo that's because the lyrics I have different slightly from the ones they show on the ending. I'm not saying they're wrong, I'm just saying I have a different set. If you speak japanese and have suggestions for different wording, by all means either email me or post them in the comments section, I'll take them under advisement.

And now without further ado,

MY PACE by Sunset Swish - English Translation

Count 1. It's good to improve
Count 2. It's good to rest
Count 3. It's good to think
It's good to be able to progress at my own pace.

Left behind in the river of time
you must not forget your impatient feelings
"This reckless defiance is after all, useless" they say
and abandon Peace-at-All-Cost

OFFENSE! it's painful, by the way, saying it.
OFFENSE! I face the direction I aim myself at.

Be a great wall that towers over all
Don't be afraid of being confused or having no answers in life

Count 1. It's good to improve
Count 2. It's good to rest
Count 3. It's good to think
It's good to be able to progress at my own pace.

To study the true reason
We understand our freedom we're parting with
Even calling out "Coward" you can convey a small amount of courage

OFFENSE! Giving me the feeling of my surroundings without saying it.
OFFENSE! Extracting reserves of strength, Come on! Let's go towards it.

The sky's the limit for your future, even if you can't reach it now
One of these days, I'll reach out with both hands and grip it.

OFFENSE! If at all possible try vocalizing it loudly.
OFFENSE! I face the direction I am myself at.

Be a great wall that towers over all don't be afraid
If it doesn't come true, don't run away, there are no subsitutes
The bell is beginning to sound, NOW is the time to stand up.
Don't be confused about not having the answers in this life.

Count 1. It's good to improve
Count 2. It's good to rest
Count 3. It's good to think
It's good to be able to progress at my own pace.

And if your browser supports Japanese kanji...

一つ! 数えて進めばいい、
二つ! 数えて休めばいい、
三つ! 数えて考えりゃいい  

時が流れ 取り残され  焦る気持ちを忘れる勿れ
無謀な挑戦 所詮無駄と  言われて諦める事勿れ
オフェンス! 苦しい時にこそ声を出して行こう
オフェンス! 自分が目指してる方へ向かえ

そびえ立った大きな壁に  恐れることはない
答えのないこの人生を  迷う事無く Keep My Pace

一つ! 数えて進めばいい、
二つ! 数えて休めばいい、
三つ! 数えて考えりゃいい  マイペースで進めればいい

学ぶ事の本当の理由 分からず失う僕らの自由
臆病者と呼ばれても 一歩ゆずれる それが勇気
オフェンス! まわりなど気にせず声を出して行こう
オフェンス! 肩の力を抜いて さあ向かおう

空に描いた未来図には 今は届かなくても
いつの日にか両手をのばし 掴みに行こう Keep My Pace

オフェンス! できるだけ大きな声を出してみよう
オフェンス! 自分が目指してる方へ 向かえ

そびえ立った大きな壁に  恐れることは無い
叶わないと逃げていても 代わりはいない
響き渡る始まりの鐘 今 立ち上がる時
答えのないこの人生を 迷うことなく Keep My Pace

一つ、 数えて進めばいい
二つ、 数えて休めばいい
三つ、 数えて考えりゃいい 

And for your Karaoke enjoyment...

Thank you and goodnight everybody :)


Jaytheoverlord said…
just too pro, you're very good at translations...wonderful work :P ^_^
Bhotanni said…
Thanks ^_^ I'm not much of a poet when it comes to lyrical translations though.
Michi said…
Oh, wow. This is awesome! English, Jap. and the Kanji. >.< Thanks a bunch. It helps out a lot because I'm trying to study Japanese.
ZippyDSMlee said…
Ok so its ofensu,what is the meaning of it?

Is it just one of thos odd japanase things or dose it make sence?

when it coems to lyrical translations you have 2 roads to take one a direct translation or you follow the sprit of the song and try and mash togather english lyrics that can keep its pace with the japanse lyrics.

As much as I loath Convertion in Dubign for music it kinda works as long as they follw the song,take Ranma 1/2 for exsample it has one of the better full english translations for songs.

Even tho I dont have the mind for it I soemtiems try and make english "convertions" of Anime songs,I ahve actualyy finished 4 or 5 but my HD killed them a few years back,currently I only have one I hammered togather,its Narutos 9th ending I liked it somuch it finaly got me off my butt to convert it.

I put my lyrics in acouple spots its hidden on myspace blog *L* and there should be one on devivant art...mmmm

Dev art


I wouldlike to ehar from someone that has a coherant brain and they can tell me how bad a job I have done *L*
YouKaiS said…
Thank you for this, I got this site by google :D
Your translation was really nice and useful to me ^^

I was confused about the OFFENSE-OH Friends thing to. But, listening to it carefully, they dont mark the FRI, even the NDS (just in case it was Friends) so...
Offense, plus, match better O_O (why did I say this... sorry)

Thank you again, and nice blog you have (shonen ai..!! *-*)
Anthony C said…
i also was confused about that too. but it could be possible that they say "all fails" and a bunch of different english lyrics popped up for this song. so im rathered confused about this little tune.
B.55 said…
good song ,,, i Hear from bleach and download ^__^
think for Translation
gnome15 said…
Hmmm, after reading your translation and listening to the lyrics, from ep 72, I have to say the Offense, Oh friends, and all fails kinda work together, example, first time the sing it, you could say:

"all fails...let's raise our voices in these hard times"

Since all fails just raise your voice:

"Oh friends let's raise our voices in these hard times"

The person could be singing to their friends:

"Offense, let's raise our voices in these hard times"

To be honest that one confuses me, some people say Offense makes most sense but I can't really see how it does.
Anonymous said…
A lot of people think that the term "offense" has direct meaning. I suppose they'd choose this word for a reason, but consider that either it could have been the closest english word to the actual meaning, or simply used for a random foreign word to keep the fans guessing. I myself have no knowledge of these matters, but I believe noting all possibilities could help those that do know about it further divine its meaning.
Sheila said…
hi! I was searching for an english translation of My Pace and I was so glad that you have it on your page. :) thanks for posting. :)
eka haziko said…
wow grEat ....aRigaTO
So cOOL.....I LoVE it tOO much

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