Introductions ^_^

Allo ^_^ Welcome to my wonderful new blog dedicated entirely to anime and manga. a warning, most of the manga I read tends toward the YAOI and Shounen-Ai variety, meaning stories and situations dealing with male-male love. If this is not your cup of tea, don't harass me about how I stole your precious innocence away. Comments on my skewed perspectives in a genuinely educated away are accepted.

(ie. you suck and your ideas are horrid will not be accepted, however, I think your viewpoint on this particular matter is uneducated in the ways of men having sex with each other, that position is in fact plausible/implausible and you know nothing about what it's like to be a gay man, however are accepted. Because really I don't know what it's like to be a gay man, I'm a yaoi fangirl that can take correctly spelled criticism.)


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