Ok so I was going to talk about something else with this post but err. well nevermind:-P

I'll talk about this picture instead :) It's from Desire. There's a really funny story on how I actually came to buy this manga as I don't normally buy yaoi manga. It's just never enticed me enough to want to buy it. However, two Christmases ago I saw Desire in a Walden Books wrapped in celophane. Just sitting there. Now the only other manga I'd really seen before that randomly had celophane on was volume 7 of Fake. And based on the original volumes I have. I absolutely knew why they'd wrapped just volume 7 in celophane.

I just had to see it. Yes, I'm a packaging major's dream shopper. If the package is shiny and pretty I want to buy it. (I have a bottle of chinese liquour as proof of that) With my next paycheck I went back to Walden books and wouldn't you know? It was gone!!

Months past as I longingly looked at the shelves every few days at Walden Books. I even went to Barnes & Noble, yet to no avail. Finally about 4 months later I saw it sitting there. Peacefully resting on the shelf at Schuler's. It was mine! I read through it quickly (brain power need not apply.) And towards the last few pages this image struck me. It actually made the book worth buying. I'm happy about that. But this image, I don't know but I stared at it in the book for at least twenty minutes. I was so drawn to it that I decided to color it.

So in a mediocre volume of manga I found something profound, and it's called Desire. How's that for irony? Posted by Picasa


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