Repost: Guess the Uke vol1 iss1

I just realized that I'd posted this on my sentai instead of here... yes i'm a bit slow sometimes. Anyway... on with the show :P

Once in a while I'd like to see male bottoms as men. My quest continues in the search for non-emasculated uke (bottoms). This image is sadly not one of them. We shall play a quick game of where's waldo for a moment. Can you tell whose moping and acting like the whiney uke he is? This is from Yabai Kimochi commercially published as Desire. It's about an 11th grader with a crush on his best friend,Ryoji, who is a lady's man and pretty much sleeps with any girl with a pretty face. There's the pining -- the endless pining -- and then Toru's wish comes true... sort of. Things get complicated (as they always do) and needless to say Ryoji finally sees the light by the end of this oneshot yaoi manga.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Guess the Uke!


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