Where is Your Hand Now Naoe

In a recent post by Kalinarashe talks about how sick Johnny Sorrow is for molesting poor innocent Sand in her comic blog. I replied to her saying that creepy villains go to a convention every year and trade notes on how they molest our heroes.

This both makes me laugh and choke back a bit of fear at the same time. On one hand you have a bunch of comic/manga characters getting together and that in itself is kind of funny seeing them in a weird cosplayish way, but then the subject mannor hits you and it's just wrong.

Some of the molestors you almost feel sorry for. Almost. Like say for instance Naoe from Mirage of Blaze. He's psychotic after waiting 400 years of lusting after his commander, Kagetora, whom clearly lusts after him too, but won't do anything about it. If you think Sorrow's a bad boy, try a lust crazed 400 year old Japanese guy. Who in the last life, rapes his commander's fiance (this is a speculation the events are still a bit muddled since they're told in flashback and in Japanese) after which he puts his commander's soul into the fiance's body and then rapes "her" (this part I'm sure happened) which results in a pregnancy (speculation). Kagetora kills himself in extreme grief at the loss of his fiance, rape, and the knowledge that he must live on in her body.

We fast forward to this life. Naoe is a respected Buddhist priest (if this were the US he'd be catholic you know.) and a high school student named Takaya whom just happens to possess Kagetora's dormant soul. Naoe discovers him and admittedly does try his best not to seduce/fuck/rape this scrapping teenager. Takaya unfortunately views Naoe as somewhat of a substitute father/mentor and becomes very confused when his only "stable" mentor makes advances on him whenever he starts remembering his past lives. He even starts changing his views on Naoe and if Naoe had been more patient his Stockholm victim and he would have become an item sooner.

Sadly, in shounen-ai and especially yaoi manga, this formula of the seme (top) initially raping the uke (bottom) and then the uke falling madly in love or already madly in love and allowing the rape to happen is pretty standard. In fact, now that I think of it, it's hard to find a yaoi plot that doesn't do this. There is of course a range for the events to happen on a scale of Zettsuai being (how on earth does the uke ever actually accept the situation and fall in love with his rapist) to Haru wo Daiteita (which begins with only a mild sense of disconsent and when the uke is attacked the seme takes drastic steps to protect him.)


kalinara said…
For the record, I think Johnny's creepy for molesting poor Sand.

I think he's *sick* for that dialogue.

And thank you, now I'm having scary yaoi plot type thoughts in my head.

Now *that* I will never write.
Bhotanni said…
Heh, no one thought you'd right Planet porn either... oh wait... no... Green Lantern Planet Porn had to be written.

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