Ouran High School Host Club

The lately seems to be to turn non-convention on its ears. BL and Yaoi readers have gotten used to the helpless innocent and almost always younger student, being cornered and manipulated into sex that they could only dream of in the past.

Take Desire for example. Toru is the shy bashiful friend of Ryoji the dashing Lady's Man. Ryoji wants to experiment out of the blue and this should make Toru happy, however, he believes Ryoji's feelings aren't true and that they are merely "fuck buddies", through the course of the manga everything is made alright and two boys become closer. The entire time you could replace Toru with a girl and the story would absolutely be the same. My proof?

Ouran High School Host Club.

I've only managed to catch the first chapter or so of the manga, but I'm current with the anime series so far at 5 episodes. Fujioka Haruhi, a scholarship student at a very exclusive high school, stumbles across the school's host club and accidently smashes an expensive vase. The Host Club members excude the stink of rich snobs and force poor Haruhi into being their gopher dog to pay for the vase. When one of them makes an off-hand comment about a teen movie stereotype (Taking off the glasses of an ugly unpopular nerd will magically transform them into a bodacious babe) they discover Haruhi is a diamond in the rough.

Initially, Tamaki Suoh, the club president, teases Haruhi when "he" stumbles into the club and has no reservations about setting "him" up with one of the club members including himself. The twins, Hitachiin Hikaru & Kaoru even draw in their biggest crowds of swooning girls by exhibiting displays of affection bordering on the x-rated. From their discovery, Haruhi is transformed from a frompy outcast to the new hit of the Host club.

Tamaki becomes fond of the new addition to his club and helps Haruhi out when he can, he even kicks out a customer for mistreating "him". It's not long before Tamaki stumbles upon Haruhi changing and discovers that Haruhi is actually a girl, and that Tamaki is the last to find out. Instead of that being the end of Haruhi being a "male" club member, the club fervently covers up the fact that Haruhi is a girl with her consent, and Tamaki becomes even more obsessed with her torn between making her a real girl and keeping the secret.

The anime is a wonderful comedy and a nice twist and proof that most uke are just transformed women. It almost becomes, Tamaki falls for Haruhi despite the fact that she's a woman.

For Richer or Poorer is a fansite that has some cool stuff about both the anime and the manga, including some nice scans from the manga.


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