Hikaru no Go

Last night I was thinking about cute anime that were unexplicably engaging. And I thought of Hikaru no Go. The anime is about Go, how is it possible to have an action packed series about Go? It's not exactly Yu-Gi-Oh or any of its clones (not that I actually watch the show or get turned into a mindless zombie when I'm flipping through the channels when it happens to be on). There are no giant monsters looming over the gaming bored ready to smite the opponents' monsters at verbal command. So what is it that makes Hikaru no Go so fantastically action packed?

Great story telling. It's simple fantastically and all about learning that strength and ability are found within yourself and that those that inspire you to greatness are always with you even when their souls have departed. Ok, so I'm a sentimental sap. What can you do? ^_^


YouKaiS said…
Hikaru no Go (manga) has managed to caught me... I got addicted only reading 4 chapters!!! My god...
The storyline is NOT enough to us (?), the DRAW is perfection! Obata have done such wonderfull job there.
("Sai is a guy" xD)

Sorry for this non sense... I have to say that

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