Crimson Spell

I was going to wait until after finals to post again... must concentrate on studying. but when I was checking for updates that I hadn't seen in a while I ran across the latest Nakama scans for Crimson Spell I quickly downloaded the three I'd missed.

A little bit about Crimson Spell... First and foremost, it is a yaoi manga, if you're offended grossed out by yaoiness, well stop reading and look at my bleach post. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside to sing along to the song ^_^.

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Ok now that the obligatory warning is out of the way, Crimson Spell is a yaoi manga that kind of turns a few stereotypes on their ears. And keeps them at the same time. The Crown Prince of Aresweis whose name is Valdrigue, Val for short (thank god!) is cursed when he uses a mystical (cursed) sword to save his kingdom. This reminds me of another prince from an American animation from the 80s. The curse causes the prince to transform into a a dark haired bishi demon with tattoos, tanned skin, pointy ears, and extended canines. In this form he is ├╝ber powerful and extremely horny. One small problem, the prince's consciousness is usually suppressed and completely oblivious of everything that happens in this form.

In comes Hallwil the blond sorcerer, whom is the only hope for the young prince to rid himself of his demonic curse. Hallwil, Hall for short, likes to collect cursed items, call it a quirk in his personality if you will. Needless to say that Hall becomes quite engrossed in Val's sword. The young prince informs the blond bishi that under no circumstances is he to come near him at night for he may harm him while unconscious. He even wears charmed manacles to keep the demon from manifesting while he sleeps.

The sorcerer, confident in his magical prowess, removes the manacles while the poor prince sleeps specifically because he's told not to. The blond is pleasently surprised to be greated by a wild beast, and proceeds to "tame" said beast. You can guess how he does this. When the prince awakes the next morning comments on how well rested and refreshed he feels and hasn't felt that good about waking up since he hit the road. He also comments on the side how his back feels a little..., the sorcerer kind of reminds me of that same American animation except he's not supposed to be evil, and not made out of bones.

Invariably, the sorcerer finds excuses whenever the prince is unconscious to "tame the inner beast within" all without the prince's knowledge. Over time Hall begins to grow fond of Val as a person, and not just a fuck toy (though it's still up for debate as he's still not told Val that he's fucked him a lot.) Val begins to have feelings for Hall though he's not exactly sure why as his body remembers the sex but his brain doesn't.

And now for the reason I started this post... Tentacle Porn.

Reading the Extra chapter for volume one made all my stress go away. I've never seen tentacle porn in yaoi manga before, the only other reference that comes close is the last chapter in volume 11 of Yami no Matsuei. Since it's not actually yaoi, this still counts as the first. The manga is very explicit with its imagery.

Crimson Spell - ten01
Val has just been captured by a man eating plant that's getting fresh with him. Oh NO! what will he do?
Crimson Spell - ten02
The stress has caused the demon to emerge!
Between this cell and the one below, very explicit things happen.
Crimson Spell - ten 03
aww, the poor prince killed the plant with an overdose in manly spirit... (cough)

Again you can find this manga from Nakama scanlation group. It's a very good read.


Kyoushirou said…
Boah, I really want this Manga, it´s so great *_*
Anonymous said…
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Pine said…
Crimson Spell is great. Check out the latest chapters if they are still around (it's been liscensed), and Hal does eventually tell Val his feelings, mostly...
I have to say, I too was very surprised by the tenticle part, something which I had always thought of to do with hentai, but it was a funny scene. Can't wait for the second volume!
Rain-drop said…
I saw a pic of the tentacle bit...and I do like yaoi. I was thinking, I should check out this series, Crimson Spell.

Nakama seems like a neat website, too. :D
*adelaine said…
hi, i just found your blog thru googles/crimson spell.. sad that ur not blogging anymore..

crimson spell is one hot story!
Anonymous said…
I think Crimson Spell is really awesome XD
*is a yaoi fan~* can't wait for the next chapter. i hope they upload it soon...

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